Zombie Ground Assault offers you the fun and adrenaline rush of a first-person shooting video game by giving you a state-of- the-art high powered tactical laser gun laser gun and placing you in a heavily themed haunted house environment filled with live attacking zombies! You then must move through the attraction and shoot as many zombies before they attack you. Be warned: The Creeper Zombies have head sets that will reduce your health if they get too close to you before you shoot them. The Badass Zombies have laser guns that can shoot you and reduce your health if they shoot you before you shoot them!

It offers realistic, tactical combat experience with simulated guns that look and sound like real guns. When you complete your mission, your weapon will display your health and number of kills to compare your ranking among your team. This is unlike anything you have ever experienced!


Our equipment is designed to look just like real weapons. When you fire, you not only hear it, but also feel it! Each tactically-inspired unit comes equipped with a Reflex Red Dot Scope for precise aiming. Our state of the art weapons will also display your health, ammo, and kills throughout your experience and at the end to verify the best in your group and the entire day.


  • We strongly recommend purchasing tickets online as these events sell out.
  • Due to the extreme experience, participants must be 10 or older.
  • Every one must sign a waiver.
  • Schedule about an hour for the experience including orientation and training.
  • Session times are generally from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM but may vary based on location.
  • We have a no refund policy.
  • All Zombies are positioned in zones throughout the facility.
  • We welcome you to take photos before and after the experience; however, there is no photography inside the event.
  • Your group can be any size, but we recommend breaking the group into smaller groups of 4-6 when entering the attraction to heighten the experience. Be sure everyone in your group purchases the same date and time slot.
  • You must bring your email confirmation (either printed or on smart phone).
  • You may not bring real guns, ammo, or weapons of any kind!

PLEASE NOTE: strobe lights, flashing LED lights, and smoke machines are in use at all venues.